What Is Evil Alter Ego Press?

Evil Alter Ego Press started out as a Tweet. That Tweet asked the question, “What are you doing tonight?” The answer, for those of you familiar with Pinky and the Brain (if you aren’t, go here) know what that answer had to be. Simply put, we were going to try to conquer the world.

In truth, Michell Plested and Jeffrey Hite have more odd ideas than is probably sane or safe. The first was an anthology called, A Method to the Madness: A Guide to the Super Evil published by Five Rivers Publishing. When it became apparent that the flood of ideas wasn’t going to stop and it is always better to be the master than the minion, the idea for Evil Alter Ego Press formed. When the idea for the anthology, Dimensional Abscesses came to be, Evil Alter Ego Press naturally came along for the ride.

For the reader:

In a nutshell, EAEP is an indie,  publisher whose primary goal is to bring amazing books for incredible young readers. Young, is always a state of mind, and we welcome young readers of all ages. We focus on Young Adult speculative fiction whether it be picture books, Middle Grade, Young Adult or even New Adult.

“Young adult” fiction can’t be defined properly by what it is, because what it is, is too broad to encompass into a simple statement.  Instead, you have to define it by what it isn’t.  YA fiction is, fiction that is not ultra violent, containing graphic sex or swearing.  Another way to look it would be, YA fiction is fiction, that instead of being cranked up to 11, has been turned down to 7, still intense, still still everything you want in a story, but not so much of it that it overwhelms.

For the author:

EAEP wants to partner with authors to get their work into reader’s hands. That means authors are involved in decisions about cover, layout, editorial, promotion and final pricing. We believe no one will be more passionate about your book than you so why wouldn’t we include you?

Thanks for dropping by.