Review: ‘Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero’ by Michell Plested

A wonderful indepth review of Mik Murdoch: Boy Superhero

Over-Analyzing Children's Books

Cover of the book, showing a young boy opening his red shirt to reveal another (white) shirt underneath (Superman style), with the book's title on the shirt underneath.


4 stars

What Happens in this Book? (**Spoilers!**)

Mik Murdoch wants to be a superhero. He spends a lot of time & effort trying to make himself into one, generally fumbling around and being more funny than fruitful with this effort. He starts to figure it out, though, as he helps others in his hometown. He’s then rewarded with a magical experience that just might lead to him truly becoming a superhero.

Kid’s Review

My boy is only 2, but I really am going to try to remember to give him this book when he’s older. Channeling myself at the target age, I would have loved this book! I read all the Hardy Boys mysteries at this age, and there was some other series I read then that was even more like it (what was the name? something where the kid was nicknamed brain? Google is no help arggghhh…) and this…

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