Questions for the Authors – J.M. Dover – Part 2

  1. Where are you in the process of writing your next book?


I wrote the first draft of Return to Atlantis (the second book in the Atlantis series) almost two years ago during NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month). I am currently editing that book. I love creating new worlds and new concepts, but I am not a fan of editing. I find the process tedious, and I often have to take out the best bits of writing because they don’t fit. I am hoping to finish the first round of edits at the end of November and send the manuscript off to my publisher.

I am a quilter when I write. I have a loose outline of what might be the highlights of the story. Then I write the scenes as they come to me and piece them together into the story. For someone who used to be very organized when she worked as an accountant, this form of writing seems somewhat chaotic, and that is probably why editing is so hard for me.


The solution to my problem with editing is to have a detailed outline before I start writing, then the scenes would be where they are supposed to be. I have an idea for a new novel and I am slowly working through the outline for that book. I guess I will see how that works.

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