Questions for the authors – J.M. Dover – Part 1

As part of getting to know our authors better we have asked them a few questions.  Today we bring you J.M. Dover, author of Finding Atlantis 






What made you want to write your first book?



We are a family of readers, except for my son. I believe if we had found a book that interested him when he was twelve years old he would have become a reader. I wrote Finding Atlantis hoping to entice a child like my son to start reading.


As my author bio says, the real reason I want to be a writer is: 

I am on a quest to convert everyone in this world, and all other worlds we conquer, into zealous book lovers. My plan is to catch them when they are young, before they can form an aversion to the written word.


If you are already a reader, you can help me achieve my sly plan by recommending books you love to others. ​If you know of a non-reader, especially a young non-reader, I urge you to convince them to give only one book a chance. Tell them to pick a book where the cover art catches their eye and the back-cover copy intrigues them. If they finish the book, tell them to recommend the book to another non-reader.

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